Grace is the Face Love Wears! January 11 Notes From Papa~

To My much-loved child, whom I continually delight in,
People have always wondered what I’m like and their imaginations have come up with some pretty bazaar ideas! When I wanted you all to see the truth about Me and My love for you, Jesus came in the flesh to give you the exact picture of Me. He could do that because We are of the same essence. So, when you read about Jesus’ earthly life, you find that He and I always have your best interests at heart.
Jesus came to serve you all and He did.  Every miracle He performed was to help and benefit those in need, never for His own selfish gain. When Jesus encountered people whose lives were a mess because of their poor decisions, He never condemned them. He forgave them, loved them, encouraged them and gave them grace… just like Me!
Jesus never punished a single person ever… Me either! The only people Jesus forcefully corrected were the proud religious leaders– people who taught others lies about Us, Our love, compassion, mercy and grace. He wanted everyone to know the truth about Me– that I am love and I am for you, not against you!
There is no dark side of Me that Jesus hid from you. He demonstrated with His finished work at the cross how We have saved you from the disastrous effects of your own sin. We have forgiven and taken away all your sin (past, present and future) and never hold it against you. We have reconciled you to Us and made you right to be with Us now and forever.
Grace is the face love wears when it comes in contact with imperfection. Grace is Jesus and He is grace. I am grace. Please never listen to or believe anything you hear that seems to indicate that I am angry with you, not pleased with you, against you or want to punish you. I love you and am for you… yesterday, today and forever. You can believe Jesus… and Me!
~Love, Papa