No Fear Ever! January 10 Notes From Papa~

To My child, whom I would never hurt in any way,
I want you to absolutely know to the core of your being that I love you unconditionally and always will. You are My own child, My offspring. You carry My DNA. We are family. We are actually one, in union together.
All of that is because I am love and I love you… with no conditions, no limits, no restraints. There is nothing you, nor anyone, could ever do to separate you from Me and My love.
Knowing that, knowing My perfect love, dispels and casts out any fear of punishment that religion, evil and the world ever throws at you. My perfect love casts out any ounce of fear of punishment from Me. I have never punished you. I will never punish you… ever!
Religion’s crazed misunderstanding of Me and My love and goodness will try to convince you that I am bound (by Myself!) to have to punish you forever in endless torment if you don’t believe right, live right, ask right, confess right… on and on. That is a crazed lie that evil sends to people’s darkened and confused minds. It absolutely is not true and never has been.
Some people mistake loving correction for punishment. They are not the same. When you encounter My white-hot consuming fiery love revealing to you the wrong beliefs that you have embraced and even cherished, it’s not pleasant for you. It hurts emotionally. But that is not punishment. That is My love refining and purifying you, ridding you of impurities, and restoring you to My original, perfect intent.
My love and actions are always restorative… never punitive. My love never fails. My love never ends. My love has already won! I have wrapped you in My loving embrace and I won’t let go… nothing can force Me to!
I’m asking you to discard any thought or idea of punishment ever coming from Me and instead, continually bask in My unconditional love for you… and everyone!
~Love, Papa