Pure Light Walker – 8 Week Course



2,000 years ago, new small groups of excited, joy-filled, other’s-centered, generous, loving and gracious people enjoyed the favor of ALL the people in their large city! They then CHANGED THE ENTIRE WORLD!

300 years before the official Catholic church and 1500 years before Protestantism, leaders and people in the First Church believed and experienced oneness and unity with a radically different God than organized religion later invented. Now you can experience and get to know the FREEING, JOYFILLED, UNCONDITIONAL-LOVE, GRACE-FILLED and INCLUSIVE God the First Church knew. Jesus called Him “The Only True God Who is PURE LIGHT with no trace of darkness!”

Think of that – There being NO TRACE OF DARKNESS whatsoever in God!

Would You Like to Intimately Know a God that is Totally Good...

A God that says you need never fear Him because of His perfect, never-ending, never-failing love for you…and ALL people?

That would be Good News, right!


Pure Light Walker is an 8 module personal and group mentoring experience with Paul Gray, a contemporary mystic who for many years has been helping people attain insight into spiritual mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge. Paul is grounded in Trinitarian Inclusion and focuses on helping people experience direct communication with The Trinity.

Participants look at the true biblical concept of Metanoia – changing our minds from what we may have previously believed and now embracing the filter that God is Pure Light with no trace of darkness. In the process we start agreeing with what God believes and says is The Real Gospel (the good, glad, merry good news that makes a person fairly leap for joy!). We start to see a Christ-Centered view of God, “Sin,” Ourselves, All People, Prayer, Scripture, and Christ Living As Us. We learn that God is JUST LIKE JESUS…and there’s no “dark, angry, punitive side to God at all!



As a result of the PURE LIGHT WALKER Experience, you will see the divine revelation of who you have always been…and be set free from religion’s false “you have to do to become” mindset. You will be on an exciting, never-ending journey of continual communication with Christ…who is IN YOU!

Each of the 8 modules has 4 components: a video; a PDF document that, in part, reveals original meanings of words and concepts from New Testament writers, and shows what the early church leaders really believed; a PDF document with scripture references; and a great PDF comparison chart that contrasts Jesus’s true understanding of God with religion’s false, dark, punitive concept of “g.o.d.”

Participants in the course receive copies of Paul Gray’s books: “Convertible Conversations,” “Grace Is…,” and “Notes From Papa” as well as a copy of Steve McVey’s book “Beyond an Angry God.” You are encouraged to read the daily “Note From Papa” devotional during the course.

Paul Gray is a best-selling author, podcaster and blogger who has a long-term local and world-wide online teaching ministry via social media. Prior to focusing on helping people personally experience Divine Revelation, Paul had a multi-faceted musical, military and entrepreneurial background.

Included With Your Course

In addition to the video and PDF components of each module, participants have:

A complimentary membership in the subscription-based Face Book group PURE LIGHT WALKER with Grace to All Podcasts, posts, videos and memes by Paul Gray and others

Participation in a weekly Q & A Zoom meeting

Two personal one-on-one hour long Zoom calls with Paul Gray (suggested once a month)

For maximum benefit, participants will spend around 5 hours a week involved with the PURE LIGHT WALKER Experience, for a total of approximately 40 hours over the 8 weeks.


Know and see that God is way better than you thought.

For more information and inquiries contact Paul Gray directly at purelightwalker@gmail.com.