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May God Grant You Eternal Peace.

Paul Gray
September 22, 2022

Grace to All

Newest Release from Paul Gray

All proceeds  benefit Grace Restoration Team, helping single parents.

Most every weekend for 8 years Paul Gray provided his audience with a buffet of great Jazz musicians and their music. At Paul Gray’s Jazz Place, you would be inspired by toe-tapping rhythms, melodies and harmonies that would lift your vibes and put a smile on your face.

People would leave saying “I felt like the musicians were on fire and I was too!”

During a three hour performance you’d hear Paul introduce extraordinarily gifted performers, intersperse tidbits about their history, peers, contributions to the world of Jazz Improvisation, and have the opportunity to interact with them in a very personal way. You would experience “oneness” and community with contemporary performers who were carrying on the tradition of a unique and wonderful musical tradition.

These musicians played different styles of Jazz, had individual ways of expressing themselves via improvisation, and uniquely demonstrated the joys and synergy of creating in real time with a TEAM of peers.

In much the same way in “Grace to ALL,” you’ll hear Paul introduce you to an eclectic group of Spiritual “improvisors” who will inspire you in a “jazzy” way that’s much different than a “staid, rigid, play-by-the-note religious doctrinal system.”

In these pages you’ll meet (and have the opportunity to connect and interact with) contemporary “mystics” (those who personally hear from God – just as YOU can!) who each have different styles and ways of expressing themselves via spiritual improvisation, and who uniquely demonstrate the joys and synergy of creating in real time with a TEAM of peers…who may eventually include you!

Prepare to join those who have been “set on fire and are glowing with Pure Light” and be prepared to say “I AM too!” wakened to who God really is, who they really are, and who all others really are!

Embark on an amazing life-long journey of hearing from God! Each day you’ll enjoy learning how to hear God’s voice and delight in seeing that God is even better than you thought the day before.


8 Week Transformation Course

Would You Like to Intimately Know a God that is Totally Good?

In the PURE LIGHT WALKER Experience, you will see the divine revelation of who you have always been…and be set free from religion’s false “you have to do to become” mindset.


Convertible Conversations

View the latest message from Paul Gray's Convertible Conversations YouTube series. Through these videos, Paul shares his visions of UNconditional love and living a grace filled life.

Convertible Conversations

AMAZON #1 BEST SELLER in 4 separate categories!

March 15, 2018



Grace to All

Join Paul Gray for interviews every Tuesday and Thursday.

Many people wonder: “How am I doing with God?” Each Tuesday and Thursday, Paul Gray – musician, writer and spiritual encourager, interviews guests who radiate joy and positivity because they are super-charged by the energizing Truth that God not only loves them…He likes them! If you’ve ever been afraid of God or wonder where you stand with God, the show “Grace To All!” is for you. This is truth you CAN handle!


Grace to All, Notes from Papa, Convertible Conversations, Godly Men Make Godly Fathers, and the Fish Net Experience.

Convertible Conversations - AMAZON #1 BEST SELLER in 4 separate categories!

March 15, 2018

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Paul Gray presents the message of God's Grace To All people world-wide through the internet, books, teaching, counseling and mentoring. He and his group provide financial, spiritual and relational help to single parents and their families, and also provide free books and courses to those in need. To partner with Paul in ministering God's Grace, you may make a tax-deductible donation to the Grace Restoration Team’s host charitable ministry Heartland Community Church. ALL donations and proceeds from books, courses, etc., go to the ministry and its expenses. Paul does not receive a salary.