About Paul Gray

Living a grace filled life

Grace Is UNconditional Love In Action. Listen to Paul's most recent YouTube message series. Connect with Paul and begin living your grace filled life.


Meet Paul Gray

Paul Gray's message is “God’s Grace Is Unconditional Love In Action for ALL people.” He emphasizes God’s all-inclusive Love, Grace, Pure Light (with no trace of darkness), Goodness and Acceptance of everyone.

He has gracefully exited the stage of organized religion and the concept of man-made doctrines that present a view of a fictitious dark, angry, vindictive, punitive, list-keeping, wrathful and impossible-to-please diety.  He has found that knowing God personally leads to enjoying and experiencing life with an ALL-GOOD GOD!

He and his wife of 53 years, Kitsy, live in Lawrence Kansas where they continue to facilitate growing in grace with the group they founded in 1991, which now includes people in multiple countries meeting together weekly via a Sunday morning 11:00 a.m. CST (US) Zoom gathering. They have three wonderful grown children and 6 amazing grandchildren!

Paul is the host of “Grace to ALL” a twice-weekly podcast and You Tube show, author, teacher and musician.

Paul’s career began with his studies at Kansas University in 1965, where he formed his band, the Gaslight Gang, which made several national television performances, recorded five albums and a CD. They performed full-time from coast to coast for many years doing educational concerts and clinics as well as performing at a variety of venues. Paul owned a variety of businesses ranging from five retail music stores to a long-distance telephone company, as well as Paul Gray’s Jazz Place, a popular Lawrence, Kansas, jazz venue where he performed with his group. Concurrently he served in the United States Army National Guard and Army Reserves for 24 years as a bandmaster.

In 1999 his group started a medical clinic for homeless individuals, The Heartland Medical Clinic in Lawrence, where he was CEO for 7 years. It continues to serve the medical needs of thousands of patients each year. Paul Gray holds an education degree from the University of Kansas and a degree in Grace Theology from Global Grace Seminary.

Paul is the author of the inspirational books Grace to ALL, Convertible Conversations, Grace Is…, Notes From Papa and The Fish Net Experience. He is co-author of Godly Men Make Godly Fathers.

PURE LIGHT WALKER is Paul’s 8-week online interactive personal and group mentoring experience.

In 2022 Paul and his group started the Grace Restoration Team which provides financial, spiritual and relational help for single parents and their families.