Grace Restoration Team

Providing Financial, Spiritual and Relational Resources
to Single Moms and their Families

The Apostle Paul often writes about how “God’s Grace will accomplish MUCH MORE than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.”

My book, Grace to ALL, is about a vision that is MUCH MORE than I ever dreamed of when I started the Grace to ALL podcasts and then began to write about those whom I interviewed in hopes of connecting like-spirited people around the world.

Here’s the MUCH MORE than I initially dreamed or imagined: We’re now helping single parents and their children financially, spiritually and relationally!

I’ve found that most of us have a desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves…to be part of some kind of team that works together for a compelling cause. There’s something very special about the feeling we get from making a real difference in the lives of people in need. I think that’s directly linked to our all being children of God participating in the Divine Nature!

There are a myriad of worthy causes that help a plethora of people with needs. You may already have one or more that touches your heart.

You may also be interested in partnering with us to help Single Parents and their children who are among the most vulnerable in our society.


The Need

There are over 14,000,000 single parents in the United States, most of whom are sole providers for the more than 22,000,000 children who are being raised in single parent homes.

Many of these single parents and their kids are struggling. Many single parents work multiple jobs to support themselves and their kids, and some have trouble keeping those jobs because they are the only family member who can stay home with a sick child. Those who have jobs are spending a substantial amount of their income for childcare, and then are the only person available to care for their kids when they are home. Only 43.5 % of single parents receive the child support their former spouse is obligated to pay them. Due to death and other circumstances, many aren’t even eligible for child support.

Some of these parents have children with physical, psychological, emotional, or mental special needs and spend countless, exhausting hours navigating the health and education systems to get the best support for their kids. These parents can be physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially drained.

In addition, many single parents face spiritual and relational poverty. Due to their overwhelmingly busy schedules, some single parents may not have time for a spiritual practice, or to make and maintain the friendships that can refresh their souls. Many have limited or no support from church or other family members, and our society just expects single parents to shoulder alone the enormous work of raising children–work which truly takes a whole community. Without support, single parents can feel abandoned, rejected, judged, stuck, and without hope.

We can’t help every single parent – but we can help some! The more people who are part of our team, the more single parents and their kids we can support.


God’s Special Calling to Help Single Parent Families

My daughter became a single mom in 2009 when her 29 year old husband died of cancer, leaving her and their 3 year old son behind. Fortunately, our daughter had loving financial, spiritual, and relational support from her church and both sides of her family. Sadly, many widows and other single parents don’t have such support.

We’re definitely not a “religious” group. We are Christ followers who love, accept, include and give grace to ALL people. The words of Jesus’ half-brother James have special meaning to what we do in the Grace Restoration Team:

“True spirituality (true ministry) that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans, and widows in their troubles (James 1:27).”

The Greek word James used, “orhpanos” means “the fatherless” or “the comfortless.”

In Jesus’s time, being a single dad didn’t generally cause financial problems and single moms were usually taken care of by family or the church…but not always. Our goal is comfort “the comfortless” by providing MUCH MORE to today’s struggling single parents so they can rest in God’s Grace and abundance.

The Help We Provide

Our Grace Restoration Team consists of people across the country who provide financial help via tax-deductible donations. Any team member can nominate a single parent for help.

Our Team provides unconditional Love and Grace in tangible ways: financial; spiritual; and relational.

We provide many nominees with immediate financial help. We provide optional, no strings attached spiritual and relational support in the form of Unconditional Love, Grace, Inclusion and Acceptance through online contact, books (Grace to ALL and others), podcasts, complementary membership to the Pure Light Walker online course, videos & online groups that fit their schedules. There is no fee for any of these resources. When possible, we help them connect with groups in their communities.

Join the Grace Restoration Team

Donate to our ministry to become a part of our Restoration Team.


Rita and her two elementary school aged children had worked out of a hole after her husband left. She was working full time (and going to school to get an advanced degree to provide a better paying job). Her job was in a city 30 minutes away. Then her 17 year old car stopped running. She was in the third day of renting a car and waiting to see if her car was repairable when she was referred to us. She got the call that for $2,500 it could be fixed and expected to provide reliable transportation for a couple of years until she finished her schooling and could afford a car payment. We provided all the funds to repair her car and MUCH MORE to cover her rental vehicle costs.


Kaye’s deteriorating health coupled with Covid 19 circumstances left her unemployed with no income while she started the process of applying for disability. She had less than $10 to her name, was behind in rent, utilities, needed to pay taxes and insurance to renew her car tags, needed medicine and was seemingly without hope. The Grace Restoration team provided funds to get current on all her bills, take care of her car and medicine needs, and covered ALL her monthly expenses for three months while helping her get available government assistance and work on her disability application. It was MUCH MORE than she expected!


Autumn and her 3 small children escaped a very abusive situation which meant temporarily moving in with relatives in a distant city. While she looked for a new job, we provided her with funds for temporary housing.


Marie found herself and her 6 year old son, James, alone in their apartment when her (now former) husband moved out. Suddenly she had the sole financial responsibility of paying their rent. Within a few months she was able to move into a small rental home…but it had no appliances. We provided her funds to purchase every appliance she needed! Imagine not knowing how you’d get a stove, fridge, washer, dryer, and other small appliances and suddenly being given a check for MUCH MORE than you imagined!