You’re In THE Family! May 13 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My cherished child, who is the Bride of Christ,
I’m so proud of you and so pleased to have you in Our family! You know, of course, that We chose you to be in Our family before We ever created anything. We envisioned you, loved you unconditionally, chose to create you, lavished every gift in Our storehouse on you, gave you full rights as an heir and child of God in Our family, forgave all your sin, and gave you Our grace– all in advance– before We even created you!
We knew you before creation, We knew you before your conception, We knew you in your mother’s womb, We knew you at birth, and We have been in you every second since you were a single cell being!
You are not only in Our family, you are the beautiful, pure, spotless Bride of Christ! Now We delight in seeing you do what We created you to do: enjoying and experiencing Our love and then loving others as We love you!
When we see you, and others of Our children, loving another child of Ours who is in need, Our hearts resonate with your spirit and sing with delight! Everything good and perfect comes from Us. So whenever you see a need, feel that person’s need with loving empathy, and then take actions to meet that need– Our heart soars with agape love because you are doing what We created you to do.
Continue to enjoy and experience Our love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faith, mercy, grace and compassion as you let Us show you and nudge you to help and serve those in need. You are participating with Us in the Divine Triune circle dance that We included you in before creation!
~Love, Papa