Your Ultimate Good! May 21 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most wonderful child, whom I have called and delight in always,
The C & S gang (circumstance and situations) are a formidable group that can seem totally overwhelming to you at times. Your enemy, the evil one/deceiver/liar/accuser knows exactly where, when and how to attack and assail you. Whenever he can, he will take multiple events in your life that aren’t going the way you want and attempt to make you feel like you have failed and like life is impossible… and he tells you that I have let you down. None of that is true, of course! He lies!
What else would you expect? I so want you to see the contrast between him and Me. I never condemn, shame, berate or guilt you. I never tell you that you have failed. I alone can see the big picture of how I am working all things together for the good… My good, your ultimate good.
It may seem to you and to the watching world that things aren’t going well, but that’s just not true. It seemed to the watching world and to the evil one that things were not going well for Jesus at the cross. But We knew what We were doing all along and We used that awful, horrific situation and circumstance for the ultimate good of all mankind forever!
I want you to listen only to Me. Trust Me. Believe Me. Listen to Me. Obey Me. Rejoice in My truth. I have everything under control. I am working all things together for you and your good.
Don’t stick your head in the sand and ignore situations and circumstance, but do consider them friends knowing that you will depend more on Me as a result of them. Count it pure joy that I am in control, I love you, I called you and that I am working everything out for the Ultimate Good. Eagerly anticipate how I’m turning what seem to be lemons into lemonade. One day, soon, you will see what I am doing in each situation and circumstance that now seem to be bad to you.
You will see the miracle that I did to make things right and restore everything… reconcile, bless and flourish you and others. As that happens, when I reveal it to you, then thank Me and keep a record of My blessings and review it often. Then remember how I have never failed you, never abandoned you, never let you down, always provided for you, always blessed you, always lavished My grace and mercy, peace, joy and all My blessings on you and your family.
I will never leave you or forsake you. You can believe Me and count on Me.
~Love, Papa