Your Own Personal Encourager! April 9 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

Your Own Personal Encourager! April 9 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~
To My very special child, whom I love to encourage,
I love to encourage you, My child, because I know just when you need encouragement, why you need it and what kind of encouragement is best for you at any given moment.
In our relationship where I am continually revealing the mystery of Christ in you, the hope of glory, and all that it means that I am in you and for you, the enemy is especially interested in garbling My communication to you.
The last thing he wants is for you to know the truth of who you really are in Christ. So he tempts you, he sends discouraging thoughts into your mind, he motivates other people to put you down and repeat his lies to you and he continually uses a myriad of schemes to attack your true identity and to try to convince you that you are separated from Me, that you are somehow “not enough.”
Of course those are all lies, but he can be very convincing to you. In light of his continual nefarious attacks, for Me to encourage you by just saying, “You can do it. Come on… try harder,” would not be helpful. It would actually be counter-productive. He wants you to believe the lie that by your own effort and striving, you can overcome him and achieve success in your relationship with Me.
I want to encourage you by telling you that you cannot defeat or overcome him by your human effort. You cannot achieve success with Me by your efforts and hard work. To try to do either or both is to play right into his hand and is a sure-fire recipe for failure.
Have no fear, however! Take joy! I have defeated him. I have overcome the world. I have defeated sin and death. I have set you free. I have taken up permanent residency in you. You have My DNA.
I have made you one spirit with Me. My supernatural power, the same power that created everything from nothing, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, the same power that sustains the universe is in you!
I am that power! Whatever I call you to be and do, I provide the power, ability and resources to successfully do it!
Your part is to realize you can’t do it in and by your own power. Then, resolve to fully and totally believe Me, trust Me and to ask Me to do whatever you need. Then cease your works, rest, and let Me do it all in you, as and through you.
Your best encouragement is to believe that you can do all things through Christ Jesus in you!