Your Joy Will Be Full!!! March 29 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray ~

Your Joy Will Be Full!!! March 29 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray ~
To My very special child, who is totally enveloped in and by My grace,
My great desire for you, and for each and every one of My children, is zoe life. It is the absolute best way to enjoy life, to be at peace and rest. Anything less is dead, stale, life-less religion… performance-based relationship. I’m not in that at all! Living, enjoying and experiencing zoe life is:
• Knowing that I love you unconditionally.
• Knowing that I have already reconciled you completely to Me.
• Knowing that I do not ever count or impute any sin to you.
• Knowing that I never have, and never will, keep any list or record of your wrongs.
• Knowing with full assurance that our relationship is totally dependent upon and predicated by My grace, manifested before creation and consummated by My finished work at the cross and continuing forever… which also means that our relationship is never, and never has been, dependent on you meeting any standard of performance or criteria, period!
When you know all this is true for you and everyone, you are free from any and all dead religious works that you have believed that you and all others have had to do to gain and maintain a right relationship with Me. You can rest in me, relax, be at peace, relate to me fully, openly, with nothing to hide, with no shame, no fear of punishment, no condemnation, no worries, no anxiety, no question of worthiness or acceptance… ever!
You will know to the core of your being that I am totally for you. You will be absolutely sure, convinced, confident and assured of our oneness. You will know that Jesus is in Me, I am in Him, and We are in you and you are in Us.
You will know that We did that for you and everyone. As you come to really know these truths about you and us and everyone, Our love will compel you to see everyone through Our eyes and you will find yourself compelled to tell them the most wonderful news of all— who they already are in Christ because of who We are and what We have already done for them!
You will know Our will, purpose and plan for you is to know all this truth and to make Us known to everyone. Your joy will be full!
~Love, Papa