You Know It!!! April 2 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

You Know It!!! April 2 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~
To My highly cherished and greatly loved child, of whom I am so very proud,
Have My courage and confidence today, My child! You know Me. You know I am in you, you are in Me and we are one! You know I love you and I am for you! You know that I chose you before creation… before the foundation of the world… in My great love, to be in Christ Jesus! You know that I called you, I gifted you, I justified you, I sanctified you and I even glorified you!
You know that I continually encourage you and continually affirm you! You know that I remind you every day that you are My very special child whom I love unconditionally, who I have done everything for via Christ’s finished work at the cross and who I have reconciled to Myself and included in our Divine Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and faith. You know My voice! You know that all this is true! You know that My love for you and everyone is higher, deeper, wider and longer than the human mind can conceive! You know that neither you nor anyone can ever be separated from My love by anything!
You know that I am for you and I have gone before you to prepare everything to bring about the desires of your heart! I put these desires in your heart to begin with! They are My desires that I put in your heart and they have now become your desires. I am bringing them about for your benefit and to benefit others.
I am in you and you are in Me. I am living My life in you, as you and through you to minister My pure, unconditional agape love that always does what is best for others to those in your life. Through you I am ministering and giving an abundance of My grace to those whom you are with today and every day!
I am also (in, as and through you) ministering My unlimited total reconciliation, inclusion and acceptance to everyone in your life. You are seeing all others through My eyes of love, compassion, peace and joy. Others in your life and the watching world see Me… Christ in you, the hope of glory and when they see you, they are attracted to and drawn to Me. I am partnering with you in ways that you will one day realize, but aren’t even aware of now. You are the sweet fragrance of Christ to others in your life—even and especially to those who might seem to oppose you!
Have confidence in Me. Be assured in Me. Be bold in Me in all you do, say and think today!
~Love, Papa