“You Have Already Won!!!” January 27 Notes From Papa~

To My wonderful child, who continually brings joy to My heart,
From your perspective it’s hard for you to comprehend that you bring joy to My heart continuously, because you still entertain the lie that your behavior affects how I feel about you and how I view you. But it doesn’t! Never has, and never will!
Think of it like this: you have a favorite sports team and you’re really for them. You want them to win and be successful, and you delight with and in them when they do well. They are still your team even when they don’t do as well. Then comes the big game, but you can’t watch it because you have to work… so you record it. Before you can watch it, someone tells you that your team won. So you already know how it’s going to turn out. As you then watch the recording, you don’t get upset or worry when a favorite player messes up, the referee makes a bad call or the other team goes ahead. You have confident joy in the midst of apparent defeat because you know that your team comes back and ultimately prevails and wins.
That’s how I relate to you! I know the end of the story. I know that because of what Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I did for you in our finished work at the cross, that you have already won! Because Jesus prevailed and defeated and conquered sin, death, the law and the enemy… so have you!
In My view, I can see that you have won— you are 100% pure, innocent, right with us, without fault and totally included forever in Our Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace and everything good! We are together. We are one. You have won! So, when We see you “drop the ball” or make an error, make the wrong play, or We see the opposition seem to get the best of you… We know that’s only temporary. It’s fleeting and not ultimate truth. We know what is ultimately true!
You overcame and are more than a conqueror in Christ! Sure We’re sad for a moment when We see you mess up, but the final score is the only thing that counts with Us and it’s settled! It’s finished!
We continually take joy in you and We want you to continually take joy in and with Us. Be joyful always… that’s Our will for you in Christ Jesus! Always take joy My child, because We are for you!
~Love, Papa