You have already been judged! March 23 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray ~

To My beautiful child, who is perfect in every way, You, and all My children, have a tendency to judge each other. You evaluate each other. You make decisions about a person’s value or worth based on your judgment. I want to remind you that Jesus taught you not to judge. He actually judged the entire cosmos (you and everyone) as righteous… right with Us in His finished work at the cross. He drew all judgment on Himself at the cross when He judged you all righteous. Judging, as far as We are concerned, has already been done. I know you have been taught differently by well-meaning, but misguided religious people. I know you are tempted to judge other people. I want you to give that all up. Instead, believe Me! I have made you, and everyone, new creations. We did that when We resurrected Jesus (and you all) from the dead. The real you is perfect! You are without fault, blameless, pure, holy, innocent and right with Us. That has nothing to do with any actions of yours… past, present or future. We forgave all those, took them away, choose not to remember them and never bring them up to you.
First of all, I want you to know and believe that about yourself. Then I want you to know and believe that about everyone else! When you start to see all others as I see them, then you will love them as I love them. Then you will give them grace as I do. Then you will forgive them as I do. Then you will pray for them, help them and serve them in My love… even, and especially, when they don’t “appear” to you as being deserving of My love, forgiveness and grace. Keep in mind that to a lot of people, you don’t appear to be deserving of My love, forgiveness and grace. Aren’t you glad that they don’t get to determine your worthiness… and that I do!
You truly are beautiful! And so is everyone else. You are all made in My image and likeness. You are all My children! I have made it so!!! ~Love, Papa