You Bring God GREAT JOY! May 26 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My delightful child, who brings Me great joy every day, Many times you “feel” like you have disappointed Me and you believe the lie that I’m not pleased with you… even that I don’t like you and that I am repulsed by your sin. You say something hurtful to someone whom you love… or you have an impure thought, then you “feel” like I must be so disappointed with you and disgusted with you. Your “feelings” are not true… they are based on lies from the evil one and religion. I want you to totally and completely get this, I want you to know My absolute truth: I love you unconditionally always and forever. I like you… I enjoy you… I delight in you. You wonder how that can be true in light of your “sin.” That’s why it’s all important for you to know My truth about sin! I took away all the sin of the world. The Great Sin (missing the mark of our perfection) is not believing who We are and who We have made you to be. When you don’t believe your true identity in Christ, you fall short of experiencing your true nature… which is being made perfect by Us. We took away the aggregate sin of the world… the sin that all mankind inherited from Adam. We defeated it. Sin no longer has any power over you. We killed it and your old sin nature. You died with Christ at the cross and you died to sin. You died to the law which points out and keeps a record of sin. We nailed the law and the record of your sin to the cross. We forgave all your sin— past, present and future. We choose not to remember your sin or bring it up to you… ever! So, get this, My delightful child whom I love, treasure, enjoy and delight in— your sin has noeffect on Me ever! Period! End of story! I know that because I took care of your sin for My sake and your sake, and for everybody’s sake! Yes, I’m sad when you don’t believe that. Of course I don’t like to see you or any of My children hurt by yourself or each other. But that sadness of a parent wanting the best never means that I am disappointed in you, disgusted with you or disdain you. Never! I know who you really are! I knew the exact time, date and place when you would come to know the truth. It may be in your earth life. It may not be until in the life-after for some people. No matter. I am infinitely patient. My love never fails! I never give up. I am not willing that you or anyone perish. You can be absolutely confident that I am proud of you because you are My child whom I have made pure, holy, innocent, without fault and right with Me forever. I delight in you, enjoy you, sing over you and treasure you. I am so for you! ~Love, Papa