YOU are The Pearl of Great Price!!! February 16 Notes From Papa~

To My greatly loved child, who is My pearl of great price,
You know the story that Jesus told about the man who found the “Pearl of Great Price” and then sold all he had to buy it. You are the Pearl of Great Price! Jesus came looking for you… to seek and save the lost pearl who is invaluable to Us!
Jesus gave all that He had… His very life… to buy you from slavery… bondage to lies from evil…lies that stole, killed and destroyed your spiritual life.
Jesus succeeded! He bought you back, He redeemed you and hid you in Me. Your life has been hidden with Christ in Me!
Jesus came to seek and save you and He did!
Together We did it all… We left nothing to chance.
Your only part is effortless belief in the Truth— what We have already done for you and who you now are as a result of Our finished work.
Scripture talks about believing and receiving. My concept of “receiving” is to take what is already yours! We finished the work. We did it all for you!
Jesus gave His life for you, He gave His life to you and now He offers to live His life as you!
This is all Our gift… the free gift of Our grace! You know that you don’t have to ask for a gift… it’s freely given to you. You know that you don’t have to earn a gift. You earn wages, but a gift is free!
You know that one doesn’t deserve a gift, or merit a gift. A gift is a gift! It’s freely given because the giver wants to give it!
I am love and what lovers do is love and give!
I so loved everyone that I gave Myself, My Son Jesus, who I am One with… so that you would not perish and would not continue in the state of dead spirituality where you were.
I did that because you are so valuable to Me… you are My Pearl of Great Price!
I love you and I am so for you!
~Love, Papa