You are the Object of HIS Affection! January 12 Notes From Papa~

To My dear child, who is the object of My affection,
I want you to know why I am so very much for you– I specifically created you to be with Me! You’re not an accident, not an afterthought, not an insignificant pebble of sand on a beach covered with billions of sand pebbles. No! Never!
I dreamed you up. When humans have a baby, they never know what it will be like. But I planned you! I knew you before you were conceived. I formed you in your mother’s womb! I designed you and made you just as I planned! You have always been the object of My affection!
I created you for one purpose– to be with and enjoy Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me in Our Divine Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace, and everything good… now and for all eternity! You are the desire of My heart! I would rather die than live without you… and I did! I was in Christ at the cross, reconciling you to Me. I did that!
I made you into a new creation, In Christ, one with Us, fit to be with Us, just right for Us, set apart for Us. That’s what pure, holy, righteous and innocent mean! I saved you from sin, death and darkness and gave you new life. I transferred you into My Kingdom of Light in Christ Jesus. I did all that!
Now, as you see what We have already done and how We love you and are for you, you can relax and enjoy new life with Us— which is why we created you, saved you and included you! Remember this always… We do!
~Love, Papa