You Are OUR Joy!!! April 3 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My wonderfully special child, over whom I continually dance and delight in joy,
You know the Scripture (Nehemiah 8:10) “Do not be grieved for the joy of the Lord is your strength!” Now I want you to know what that means and why it is so important to you. I, the Lord, am totally filled with joy about you! My joy overflows and pours out through the heavenly realms over you! It is My expression of the truth about how much I love you and who you are– who I have made you to be!
Before We ever created anything, We could see you in Our omniscient minds and We were full of joy! Out of Our great love, We chose you, We saw you in your unformed substance. We knew you in your mother’s womb. We numbered all the days of your life.
We went before you and prepared and ordained everything for you. Even though things haven’t always worked out as you hoped they would, behind the scenes We have always worked out all things for your good, and We continue to. One day you will see all of this!
Jesus came to earth for you. At the cross, He took all your sin and darkness upon Himself, forgave it and took it away. It gave Us tremendous joy to create a new you… in Us, one with Us. right with Us and pure, innocent, justified, purified and glorified! Our joy manifested itself when We lavished every spiritual gift in the heavenly realms on you and when We gave you custom-made-just-for-you Spiritual gifts.
Since We can see the truth about what is… who you are and what you have… and since We knew in advance the exact time that you would know that We are in you and you are in us, and that we did that, our joy knows no bounds! Since we knew before the foundation of the world the darkness that you would be in, the challenges you would have and the enemy’s attacks on you, we took care of the negative effects of all that in advance.
We created you anew…In Christ, In Us… at Jesus’ resurrection. We gave you new birth, new life, a new spirit… everything! We knew the end from the beginning.
Since We knew in advance the struggles you would have and the poor choices you would make, you could never disappoint Us. There has never been and never will be a time when you do something or make a choice that We didn’t already know would happen.
So it’s impossible to disappoint Us. Sure, We’re sad in the moment with you when you experience the wages of sin (yours or someone else’s), but ultimately We have taken care of all that. We are constantly and continually joyful over and about you.
Once you really know and believe that, you will access Our supernatural strength for everything in your life. Our joy over you is your strength… rejoice and be glad in it!
~Love, Papa