You Are God’s Masterpiece! May 25 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special child, who I am so very thankful I created,
I am thankful and grateful that We (Jesus, The Holy Spirit and I) dreamed you up and decided to create you before We ever created anything else! Because of our great love, We decided in advance to create a family to include in Our Divine Triune circle dance of love and everything good that flows from Our love.  We created you in Our likeness and image… the highest form of creative expression. You are Our masterpiece… Our artistic poem! We created you to be a mirror image of Us… best seen as a mirror image of Jesus as a human.
Jesus came to be an example of you, not an example for you to try to emulate by your own power and ability. No… you are like Us already, made in Our likeness and image because of Our great love for you.
When your minds became darkened at the “fall,” you lost sight of that image and believed the lie of separation which literally kept you in the dark regarding your true nature. But Jesus came (as We planned since before creation) and took away all your sin and We forgave it. We did that because you believed the lie that your sin separated you from Us… but it never did!
We came to save you from your own darkness and to redeem you to see your original self. We knew that We would have to take your sin, forgive it, take it away, not bring it up to you again and not remember it to you. So we did! Then we revealed this great plan to Paul, John, Peter and others so they could tell, write and show you!
We took away your old dead, darkened spirit and created a new you… a new spirit… that has forever been united with Our Spirit and already seated in the heavenly realms. Your new spirit is a mirror image of Jesus… pure, holy, innocent, without fault, right with Us and one with Us. We are now in the process of shining Our great light of truth on you which is illuminating Our truth (Jesus) to you more and more every day. Each day you are given eyes to see more light and truth, and each day a little more darkness is taken away. One day all the darkness will be gone and you will see Us face-to-face and thus see who you truly are. We see that now.
~Love, Papa