You Are Anointed!!! March 25 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very special child, whom I have anointed with My Holy Spirit,
You are anointed, My child! Never believe that you did anything to earn, achieve, merit or accomplish My anointing… it’s all a free gift of grace from Me. Just as Jesus is the Anointed One (the Christ) so are you anointed because Christ lives in you…the hope of Glory!
You are a co-heir with Christ. Everything that He has, you have. Everything that He is, you are! I love you just as I love Him!
You have… already… all the supernatural power that you ever need to do everything I ever call you to do. Whatever I require, I provide! You lack nothing.
My Spirit in you resonates when I hear you say, “I am anointed! Christ living in me has given Me everything I need for life and has given me godliness! I have the very power of God flowing through Me. I am a new creation. I am pure, holy, innocent, right with God, without fault, called, sanctified, purified, glorified and one with My Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I am more than a conqueror. I can do all things through and in Christ Jesus who empowers Me. I am the beloved son of the Most High God. I can do anything and everything He calls Me to do. Thank you Jesus!”
When you state and proclaim those wonderful, magnificent truths that I have given you, I rejoice in you and you sense My presence in a very special way! I want you to revel in those moments, bask in them, enjoy them, and rejoice in them. I want you to remember and state them often throughout each day. When you most need to remember that you are My anointed son is when temptations come… when the liar/deceiver tries to get you to doubt and forget who you are and whose you are, when things seem daunting and overwhelming.
When things seem hopeless, you especially need to hear the truth about who you really are. That’s when you need to be reminded that I really am in you, with you, for you and that we really are one! Remember and state and proclaim that I always love you and I am for you and I have anointed you forever!
~Love, Papa