“You are ALL MINE!” May 7 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My child, who is truly mine,
I inspired David to write in what you call Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, the world and all those who dwell in it.” You are mine and you are My very special child… the apple of My eye!
There is only one family… My family! I created you all in Christ Jesus! All things… all people were created by Christ, for Christ and in Christ. He is all in all. All things consist… are held together… in Him.
There is no “other” place or “other” dimension where people can exist apart from Me! How foolish for someone to even think that! The deceiver has convinced many people that “those other people” are ‘separate from me… not in Me… not in My family… I’m apart from them.’ Lies! All lies!
Religion has deceived people into believing the lie that lost people have to come to Me and ask Me to be their Father, and only by doing that can they do what is required to get Me to come to them. How foolish! When something is lost, it doesn’t find itself!
Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost… and He did!
His mission was ultimately and infinitely successful! How foolish to believe that someone is not in My family. Whose family could they possibly be in? There is no other God, no other creator! The enemy can’t create!
How foolish to think that a person has to ask to be in My family! No one asks to be born… they are born because of a decision their parents make. Because of, in and by My great love for you, I decided before I ever created anything to create you!
You have always existed in My mind and heart. Yes, all mankind inherited Adam’s darkened mind and all thought (falsely) that they were enemies with Me, apart from Me. I knew in advance that would happen, so I planned in advance to disprove the lie of separation once for all by coming Myself (Jesus) to be with you personally and intimately.
Then I (Papa) placed you all… all humanity… on, in and with Jesus at the cross. I had you all die with Him and be immersed into His death with Him. The old Adamic race was totally destroyed. All died with Jesus.
Then I created a new species that had not existed before… new creations in Christ. You, and everyone, were born from above in Christ Jesus when I raised Him and you from the dead and gave you new life in Christ… in Me… in My family!
You have always been in Me and I have always been in you! You became aware of Christ in you, the hope of glory as I revealed your new identity to you. The old has passed away, the new is here. All this is of God (Me!) Now rest, relax and enjoy being mine…that’s why I created you!
~Love, Papa