You and Me! ~February 18 Notes From Papa

To My most wonderful, highly cherished child,
This is the day I have made for you and Me to enjoy together! Rejoice and be glad with me for all that I have arranged for us today. Together we will enjoy very special, intimate moments that are so personal and so unique to us that you won’t be able to share them with anyone else. They are special treasures of infinite value!
We will also enjoy moments where My provision, My involvement, My orchestration will be so obvious that My love will compel you to tell others… and in the process, they, too, will be drawn to Me!
As you abide (dwell in seamless union) with Me, I will reveal Christ in everyone whom you are with today. I will point out little things about Me in others that even they don’t see… yet. But you will see that it’s Me, Christ in them, the hope of glory!
Together we will marvel at the never-ending changes of colors and cloud formations and pictures in the sky. Together we will hear the sounds that My wind makes in the trees, the songs that My birds sing and the laughter that My children produce in their sheer joy of experiencing My life. Together we will feel and sense the love that a mother has for her infant… even as she juggles car seats, strollers, buggies, diaper bags and bottles (all while attending to her shopping and errands and responsibilities.) Together we will be touched by the love that an elderly couple has for each other long after the beauty of youth and spring in their steps has faded.
Together we will enjoy and appreciate the sense of serving that merchants, clerks and wait staff experience as they take pride in providing quality goods and services in a cheerful way to make other’s days more enjoyable. Together we will appreciate the sense of well-being provided by police men and women, as they go about their duties in our presence and we’ll thank them for their service. Together we’ll enjoy great music that warms our hearts and lifts our spirits in a variety of settings.
Together we’ll see friends enjoying each other’s presence and watch as they encourage, laugh and spur one another on to love and good deeds.
This is indeed the day that I have made just for you and Me. I’m so glad we get to be together. After all, that’s why I made you!
~Love, Papa