“Yes…And!” April 22 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most wonderful and cherished child, whom I am totally for,
I am so happy and pleased that you are starting to grasp that I am “Yes, and…!” and never “Yes, but…! Understanding My divine yes is all important in our relationship and thus in your relationship with everyone else. In Christ Jesus, all things are “Yes, and…!”
Yes, it is true that I love you unconditionally and there are no buts; no conditions, no limits, no exceptions, no exclusions. I love you… and everyone unconditionally and that is the total truth!
Yes, it is true that I chose you, and everyone, from before creation, in love, to be adopted into Our Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace and everything good… and We did that!
Yes, it is true that We took away all the sin of all the world: past, present and future. We forgave it all. We don’t hold sin against anyone. We don’t impute sin to anyone. We choose not to remember or bring sin up to anyone. Yes, that is true— no buts, conditions, caveats, limits or exclusions. All yes!
Yes, it is true that Our unearned and unmerited grace covers absolutely everything in your relationship with Us. We made you a new creation. The old Adamic sin-inherited race is gone: passed away; dead; no longer exists.
Yes, it is true that in Our love, by Our grace and because of Our unquenchable desire to be forever in Our love-saturated relationship with you, and everyone, that We made you and everyone pure, holy, innocent, right with Us, without fault or blame and perfect for Us. That is true and there are no exceptions, no exclusions, no limits, or conditions!
Yes it is true that We created everything and everyone in Christ Jesus. Christ is all and is in all. Christ holds everything together… no conditions, no exclusions, no exceptions, no limits.
Yes it is true that Our definition of justice is making all things right for everyone and restoring all things to Our original intent of perfection. Yes it is true that We are not willing that anyone perish and that We want everyone to know, experience and enjoy the eternal new life in Christ that We have already given them.
It is all yes in Christ! There are no exceptions, no exclusions, no limits and no conditions. Yes it is true that most people aren’t aware of Our “Yes” and most people live in some degree of darkness. And it is true that Jesus is the light of the world and His light exposes all darkness and eventually the white hot consuming light of Our fiery unconditional love for everyone will expose and take away all shadows and darkness.
One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and all things will be restored. YES!
~Love, Papa