Wisdom is Always Available! March 3 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most special child,

You often need wisdom. You want to know what to do in circumstances and situations. You want to know how to have good relationships. You want to know how to make financial decision. You want to know how to help others. You want to know what’s bothering a friend or relative.

And, like everyone, you want to know what I want… what My “will” is.  I’m so glad that you want wisdom! Now, doesn’t it make sense to go to the One who knows literally everything and ask Me for wisdom? Any and every time that you need wisdom, I want you to come to Me and ask! I’m inviting you to do exactly that!

I will give you My wisdom and I’ll never chastise you or put you down for asking Me… even if you’ve asked Me the same question many times!

As part of His Finished work at the cross, Jesus literally became My wisdom for and in you! Ask Me… then believe Me and do what I reveal and ask you to do. That’s when you start to really enjoy My abundant life!
~ Love, Papa