Win-Win! October 24 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My wonderful child, whom I always cause to triumph in Christ Jesus,
I want you to always know that with Me, all things (all of life) is always win-win. You have to have My eyes to see and My ears to hear this glorious truth!
This is non-dual thinking at its best. Win-win in Our economy means that Our will, Our desire, Our plan for everything and everyone has already happened. It’s like you watching a video recording of a ball game, already knowing that your favorite team won.
You see bad shots, missed opportunities, botched plays, missed calls from the referees or umpires… but no worries… you already know that your team won! That’s how things are with Us! We already know that all things… everyone and everything, is in Christ.
We have already redeemed the world. We have already reconciled all things and all people to Us! Jesus is already the Savior of the world… all people and all things. We already know, have seen and can see that glorious day when everyone knows Our truth and there will be no lies left to even think about.
On that day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to Our great glory! Everyone will know and see the great work that We began has been completed in them.
Everyone will see and rejoice that they have always been and always will be included in Our Divine Triune circle dance of Our love and everything good that flows from it: joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faith, Holy Spirit power, mercy and grace.
Everyone will know, see and celebrate that they have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness to Jesus’ Kingdom of Light. Everyone will triumph in Christ Jesus! There will absolutely be no separation, no division, no hierarchy, no in/out, no exclusion/inclusion.
All will see all in Christ Jesus and one with Us. All will know the great mystery… the truth of the ages… Christ in all and for all… the hope of glory. All will see that We have always included all. Religion’s great lie of win-lose with Us will be exposed, discarded and annihilated.
Our love, joy, peace, mercy and grace will envelope and permeate all forever. I’m so for you! ~Love, Papa

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