Who’s the ‘Head Kahuna’ and what perks does he get???  

Day #12  “One Another” December 12, 2017

 Who’s the ‘Head Kahuna’ and what perks does he get???

 Every organization has leaders, and what leaders are supposed to do…is lead! Pretty profound, huh?

 Unfortunately many leaders want (even require?) more than just being allowed to lead.  They want special preference. Obviously pay and retirement packages, etc., should be based on what the person brings to the organization, should be continually evaluated and changed accordingly.

 However ‘special preference’ is another story.  For example, having a doctorate is great! Demanding to be referred to as “Dr.” in social settings and non-formal settings may be pretentious!

 In the New Testament, the “body” can refer to Christ’s physical body or to those in the “Church” or “Body of Christ” which means everyone who is subjectively aware of, recognizes and believes the objective truth that we were all included in Christ’s Finished Work at the Cross.

 The Apostle Paul was intimately acquainted with the pervasive abuse of power in the prevailing religious and political organization in Israel, the Jewish Religion. He had been the rising star in their leadership ruling council and, as such, had demanded great deference from those who didn’t measure up to his stature.

 Once “God was pleased to reveal Christ in him,” Paul started a several year tutelage under the Holy Spirit of Christ, and learned a very different way of organizational relating!

 He learned that God orchestrated the make-up of His organization. God gifted people as He chose. Jesus (God) demonstrated that He came TO serve, not to BE served. He learned that in God’s economy there’s to be no hierarchy, rather the Trinity is our example of mutual self-less love, deference, and always doing what’s best for the other with no one caring who gets the credit!

 Having learned that, Paul wrote the following to a struggling church:  “God has combined the members of the body and has given greater honor to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division or dissention in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.” (1 Cor. 12: 24– 25)

 What great advice to us! Instead of sucking up to the ‘leaders’, let’s give greater honor (than is usually given) to those who don’t have fancy titles, ‘important’ positions, or who have been ‘anointed’ as ‘elders’ or ‘board members’ or ‘senior pastors.’

 When we started our church 26 years ago, I wanted people to call me “pastor.” The more I learn about God’s Unconditional Love, Grace and Inclusion, I just want to be called “Paul” – and to be related to the same as everyone else.  I’ve found that when I set the example in us all having “equal concern for each other” that a culture can change for the better rather quickly.    

 Who can you lift up and encourage today by giving them greater honor than they expect or are used to?  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you and you’ll find plenty of opportunity!

 Grow in Grace, my friends!  ~Paul Gray