What To Do when… March 17 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

What To Do When… March 17 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray
To My dear child, whom I love to comfort and encourage,
When you feel that you are unfairly criticized and are being taken advantage of, I want you to come to Me. Tell Me how you see the situation and ask Me how I see it. Of course every situation and circumstance will be different, but most of the time I will remind you of how at the cross I revealed the core of My nature of selfless, self-giving love that always does what’s best for the other person. Everything that happened there was for a purpose… My purpose of demonstrating My love for you and everyone.
You know that I am all-powerful and that I’m omniscient– I know everything. If mankind’s sin had been the issue with Me that humans think it is, I could have wiped you all out with just a thought and started over… or given up on mankind altogether. I didn’t do that.
If I only had My self-interests in mind, I could have “saved” mankind without any pain, hardship, rejection or even any involvement on My part. I could have intervened and stopped My crucifixion and torture at any time. I could also have retributively punished all humanity for My torture and death.
After My resurrection when I “appeared” inside the locked room that the disciples were in, I could have said, “OK, you all deserted Me in My greatest time of need… now you’re going to pay.” Instead, I joyfully said, “Peace.”
When you live life to the fullest as I created you to do, you will let Me live My life in you, as you and through you. You will know the truth that Christ is your life. Then… when someone unfairly criticizes you, takes advantage of you, comes against you… you will experience Me, through you, responding non-violently in love and doing what is best for the other person.
For someone to see, experience and be the beneficiary of pure agape other’s-centered love, they have to actually have that love given to them in the face of their unfair criticism and their anger and hatred and self-centeredness and abuse. Only then will they see how I exercise My ultimate power like I did on the cross… not in retributive violence and punishment, but in pure love with no expectation or guarantee of anything in return. That’s the way of the cross. It’s My way. It’s the way of Abundant life! It’s worth it.
I am always for you and the greatest way that I demonstrate that is by My unconditional agape love!
~Love, Papa