What in the World is God Doing? April 20 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My highly adored and most wonderful child, who I constantly love,
You know that I am love and that I love you and everyone. You know that everything I think, say and do comes from My pure, abundant, unconditional agape love that always does what is best for you… and everyone. Have you ever thought about what that really means? What do you think I do all day and all night long? You know that I don’t sleep… I don’t need to. You know that I’m always with you and in you, and that I will never leave you or forsake you.
What do you think I’m doing all the time? It’s nothing to Me to keep the universe going… I set it up to run continually. I don’t even have to monitor it. You know I don’t keep a list of wrongs… so I’m not continually doing that.
You know that I’ve already taken away and forgiven your sins… so I’m not doing that. I don’t have to keep the tide of the oceans going or keep the earth’s atmosphere just right. What do you think I do all the time?
I love! That’s it! Every single second of every single day I spend totally absorbed in loving you… and everyone! Everything I think, say and do is an expression of My love for you and everyone.
I am continually working all things for the good. I never spend an ounce of energy or a single thought on punishing you or making you “pay” for “not doing right.” Never! I am completely and totally absorbed with lavishing My love on you and everyone! My love is more than abundant… it’s overwhelming!
Picture yourself in a one-man submarine in the middle of the Mississippi River. My love is like the water that is all around you… all-encompassing you. It’s gently carrying you ever forward in our life together. We make stops at quaint river cities and love the people there. We interact with others on the river and pour out our love and grace on them. Wherever you go, we go together! You are in Our current… Our Divine Triune circle dance of love and everything good that flows from Our love: joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness, faith, Holy Spirit power, grace and mercy.
I am constantly and continually lavishing My love on you like an eternal spring of living water. Your part is to rest, relax, go with My flow and experience, enjoy, revel in and bask in My love.
My love is higher, wider, deeper, and longer than you can ever imagine. It is constant and it is forever! Think about these things!
~Love, Papa