What God Has Always Wanted! January 25 Notes From Papa~

To My very special child, whom I am continually loving and teaching,
Oh My child, you are starting to see what really is! Today, and every day, I’m going to reveal to you more and more of who I am, who I have made you to be, who everyone else is and what I am all about.
You know that I am love and I am all good. Of course I am all-powerful, know everything, and am everywhere present. But if I wasn’t love and good, you would live in fear and would never thrive.
I have made you exactly who I want you to be— a perfect container for Me to not only live in, but to express Myself through. I have made you… and you are perfect to Me: pure, holy, without fault, innocent, right for Me and one with Me.
You can never improve on what I have made and declare perfect! I reside, I live in you… really live! I’m not just passively there. I’m not just there in you in a mystical, ethereal, intellectual way. I live My pure abundant life in you. I love in, as and through you. I am love and the expression of My love is pure grace. Pure grace is absolute, pure, unconditional love expressed continually for everyone. Pure grace is everything good that comes from My love— joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, compassion, mercy and spiritual power. All of these glorious attributes are included in My grace for everyone.
Grace means that I relate to everyone continually through these attributes. I never condemn, criticize, dislike, abhor, put down, compare, minimalize, disparage, diminish or exclude anyone. Never. I only and always love and express My love as pure grace. Of all the things that I am (omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient) My love expressed as grace is the most important and the most glorious.
You want to see My glory, the glory of God? It’s My grace! Grace, love in action, is My glory. Christ, Grace in person in you, is the hope of My glory. What I have always wanted— My unstoppable and undeniable will and plan since before creation, is to have My family (all men and women forever) be living expressions of My nature and essence, which is love expressed as grace… which is My Glory!
A man or woman fully alive (fully loving and giving grace) is My glory… the Glory of God! Christ living and loving by giving and expressing grace not only to you, but in you and as you and through you to everyone you come in contact with, is My glory! Ultimately everyone will know that they are containers and conduits of love and grace, and the whole of creation will experience Christ in you, the Hope of Glory!
~Love, Papa