WE Will Teach You!!! January 30 Notes From Papa~

To My special child, whom I’m so very fond of,
Today I’d like to continue teaching you. Jesus, the Master Teacher, who is grace personified and who lives in you, knows everything. He, the Holy Spirit and I know everyone and what’s going on with them. We know who’s hurting, who’s doubting, who’s struggling, who needs encouragement, who just needs a smile, who needs a listening ear… We know their needs and yours!
As you hang out with Us, We show you what to do and say, and We empower you to do what We show you. We orchestrate divine appointments and encounters that you know are obviously Our doing. It’s exhilarating for Us to see the fruit of Our partnership in ministry, grace, love and encouragement to one another! There’s nothing quite like the joy of seeing how We work together to help someone and then seeing their joy and appreciation.
Sometimes the other person doesn’t seem to understand, appreciate or even acknowledge Our love, grace and encouragement coming through you… but We do… and Our grace is more than sufficient for you to enjoy the situation even without human recognition.
As you let Us love and encourage others through you, We continually teach you how to live. As you are in tune to Our thoughts, you don’t even want to do destructive, hurtful things to yourself or others. As Jesus is in this world, so are you!
This life with Us is vastly different than your trying to keep rules and “live right” by your own effort. It’s polar opposite to that kind of religious mindset. Trying to do right by following a moral code only produces gloom, despair, discouragement, being uptight… and occasionally, deceitful pride.
Jesus did away with all that at the cross and in its place, gave you real, abundant life… new life in Christ with Us in Our Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace and everything good.
Let’s enjoy our life together today… and every day! Remember, We’re always for you!
~Love, Papa