We can relate to Rejection. June 20 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

WE can relate to Rejection. June 20 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray!

To My most treasured child,
I know how badly it hurts when you feel rejected from someone close to you. I know exactly what it feels like— to a greater degree than you could ever imagine or perceive.
We (Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I) made you and all mankind in Our image and Our likeness so that we could include you in Our relationship and family. We did that so that We could love and bless you, and so that you could experience and enjoy Us and Our love and blessings, and so that We could enjoy and experience your joy with you!
What happened? You (collectively) rejected Us… almost from the beginning. When Jesus came to save you from yourselves, you rejected Him. We know rejection… at its absolute worst.
Please don’t take or feel this as a rebuke or condemnation or feel shame. I just want you to know that I can relate to and emphasize with you when you feel rejection from someone else, so that you can truly experience My comfort, affirmation and encouragement and know My joy in the midst of rejection from others. When you all rejected Jesus, we loved you anyway… we never stopped… that’s what love does. When you reviled Jesus at the cross, He never reviled you back. He never reciprocated, never rejected you, never withdrew from you, never condemned you, never left you.
Just the opposite, in fact… He embraced you and willingly took the worst you had to give Him and said, “I forgive you! I love you! I took that sin and rejection and gave you My love, grace, reconciliation and righteousness and inclusion!”
Our way, the way of love, the right way (righteousness) is to love and give, no matter how the other person treats Us!
We only love and give. We never reject and take. Our pure, agape love always does what’s best for the other person. We never stop loving. Our love never fails.
So, when you experience human rejection, first- always come to Us and let Us remind you of Our unconditional love and acceptance, and let Us remind you of how We always feel about you. Second, let Christ in you forgive, love, accept and affirm the one who rejected you.  That is the way…Our way… of love and that is life. Rejection and condemnation and separation is death. That’s not Us. We always love you, always welcome you and always cherish you!
~Love, Papa