Wait for it…Wait for it…

Day #11  “One Another” December 11, 2017

 “Wait for it…Wait for it…”

 Many of us in the United States have seen a commercial for a popular sandwich chain that embedded the phrase “Wait for it…Wait for it…” in our psyche. 

 Did you know that it was used in another food setting 2,000 years ago by the Apostle Paul?

 “When you come together to eat, wait for each other.” (1 Cor. 11: 33)

 When I first became an officer in the US Army some 46 years ago, one of the first things I was taught was not to eat until all the troops in my unit had been served. And if there wasn’t enough for me…deal with it.  That advice served me well.

 In Bible times, it was a male-dominated society, and in many ways that was not a good thing. When the Apostle Paul wrote this to the church in Corinth, he was primarily addressing men.  This is one of those instances where it is especially applicable to men today.

 At home I choose to wait to be the last one served. I choose not to start eating until my wife has started. Wherever we eat I choose to wait until the lady of the house or the hostess at a party, etc., has a taken her first bite before I start to eat. (That’s appropriate for women guests as well!)

 This is, of course, good manners…but it’s more than that. It conveys respect. 

 When I dive in and satisfy my needs without regard to anyone else, I’m doing just that: having no regard for anyone else!

 This isn’t a “law,” of course and you don’t “loose brownie points with God” if you jump in and chow down. However you don’t convey respect and you do come across as inconsiderate and self-centered.

 I wasn’t taught that growing up, and I didn’t know that until I became an officer. You may have never heard this before…but you have now!

So, guys, especially…take to heart what the Apostle Paul said and practice showing respect to your wives, mothers, and the other women in your life by waiting to eat until the others (especially the lady of the house) have started. You may be pleasantly surprised at their reaction!~Paul Gray