Ultimate Success! May 6 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very special child, whom I am totally responsible for,
I want you to know that it is not your responsibility to determine how things turn out in your life. I know the world and religion have told you that “if it’s going to be, it’s up to me,” but that is a lie from the evil one.
Every good gift comes from above… from Me. Of course if you make poor choices with your health, diet, financial resources, habits and relationships, you can participate in darkness which keeps you from enjoying My good gifts.
However, your ultimate “success,” your real, true, bottom-line success and well-being is determined by Me. I am total pure goodness. I am totally for you. I am pure, agape love that always does what is best for you.
My grace has already enabled and empowered you to be who I have called you to be and do what I have called you to do. I have already adopted you into your permanent forever relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I. I have totally reconciled you to Us and included and accepted you and that can never change. Nothing can ever separate you from Our love!
You have different ideas of “success.” Most of those ideas and concepts, however, cannot provide or give you what I know to be real success. The only real, true success that fulfills you, gives you deep-seated unshakeable joy, confidence and assurance, is your 24-7 relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me.
Knowing the real Us (the only true God) and knowing and experiencing our love, grace, inclusion, acceptance and Our joy and delight in you, and our absolute joy and delight in being with you now and forever, is not only true, ultimate success, but it also make everything else pale in comparison!
We are responsible for this ultimate success. We left nothing to chance. We left nothing up to you or your decision or choice! We chose you to be one with Us before creation. We created a new you who is one with Us and right with Us forever in Christ at our finished work at the cross.
We declared it so and sealed it. Your ultimate success is not up to you. It is up to Us and We don’t ever fail! We made it so! Now you can enjoy ultimate success: 24-7 joy with Us in Our Divine Triune circle dance of love and everything good!
~Love, Papa