Turn to ME! May 19 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My dearly cherished child,
Sometimes things can seem to you to be impossibly overwhelming. You can assess your situation, focus on all the challenges, things that need to be done, and your seeming lack of time, resources and energy… and start to panic.
While I don’t cause those situations to happen, I’m aware, of course, that they are coming. You can learn from understanding the reasons why a situation came to be, but when you’re in the midst of a challenge is not the time to focus on what you could have done differently.
Rather, when you’re in the midst of a seemingly impossible situation that’s totally overwhelming… that’s exactly when I want you to turn to Me, listen to Me, and trust Me. Remember, I’m the One who does miracles! I’m the One who owns everything! I’m the One who is all powerful!
Most of the time I don’t want you to take any action until you have come to Me, listened to Me and believed Me. Then is when I empower you to do what I have told you. Sometimes I may tell you to simply wait and trust Me. Then when you see Me provide, you will know that’s a miraculous provision that could only come from Me and you will not only give Me the credit, but you’ll inspire others to trust Me as well.
Many times I work My miracles through other people… friends, family, the church or some other group.  I have been preparing, am preparing and will continue to prepare My people to not only provide what you need but to bless you over and above what you can even conceive happening!
Watch for My provisions! Journal about them. Tell others about the wonderful things I do for you. Let’s enjoy them together!
~Love, Papa