Triumph in Christ~ Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most wonderful child, who I always cause to triumph in Christ,
I want you to know to the core of your being that I always cause you to triumph in Christ Jesus. That is a fact, it’s true, and you can take it to the bank in regards to our relationship and your entire life!
I have My master plan for life… your life and our partnership. It is all centered around relationships… bringing about your realization of and enjoyment of being included in union with Us in Our Divine Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace and everything good that flows continually from Us to and through you to others.
Of course you know that Our plan includes everyone… all mankind! Our ultimate triumph, which we achieved before creation, manifested in time and space in Our finished work at the cross. We are now in the process of revealing to you and everyone the truth that We have defeated sin, death, evil and the evil one… once for all people for all time!
We included all humanity in Christ Jesus at the cross. Everyone, the entire old Adamic race, died with Christ. We reconciled you all to Us, not counting anyone’s sins against them and re-created you all anew as totally new creations in Christ. You are all pure, holy, right with Us, innocent, without fault, and one spirit— in union with Us!
We did that… the victory has been won. It’s a done deal! Now We are in the process of revealing this total victory to you all so that you can believe it and relax, rest and enjoy your new life with Us… your life of love, joy, peace and everything good.
Your part (Our plan for you) is to experience, enjoy life with Us and communicate— minister— proclaim the truth of Our finished work to everyone whom We put in your life. Everyone will come to know Us. Every knee will bow and every tongue will agree that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the Father!
All unbelief will be burned up by Our consuming fire of Our white-hot unconditional love for all. Your part is to proclaim to everyone the truth of what already is… what We have already done.
The timing of when they believe is up to Us. You cannot fail! We always lead you in triumph in Christ Jesus. Never think that because you can’t see success, that it’s not there. It has already happened!
Never look at worldly situations like employment, finance matters, health issues, sports wins and losses, friendships or accomplishments as barometers of ultimate victory and actual triumph in life… they are just temporary events. You can have joy and peace in knowing that they are all tools and opportunities for you to experience and enjoy Us in “win or lose” because the ultimate eternal, most important victory has already been won!
Triumph in Christ is reality!
~Love, Papa