Together! February 10 Notes From Papa~

To My dearly loved and highly treasured child, in whom I’m very well pleased,
I so want you to know that I am for you today and every day! My loving kindness, goodness, mercy and grace never fail you. Never… ever!
You can absolutely, positively count on Me 24-7, 365… or 366! I don’t ever take a day off from being for you, loving you, being kind to you, being good to you, working out all things for your good and giving you everything I have!
I gave My son, Jesus for you. I delivered Him up for you because of your transgressions and I raised Him because I justified you— made you pure, holy, innocent and right with Me. How much more will I now give you all things. Actually, I have already given you all things for right living and being in relationship with Me. I already gave you every blessing there is in the heavenly realms!
It’s all done and in place so that we can enjoy each other today and every day!
Think of Me and be aware of Me being for you and good to you in every situation and circumstance we experience together today. Together is what I want you to absolutely know and experience.
Eternal means both the abundant quality and the everlasting duration of our life together. This is eternal Life… to know, experience and enjoy Jesus, the Holy Spirit and me intimately as We share our Divine Triune circle dance of love, life, joy and peace and everything good with you now— all day and forever!
Our loving-kindness, goodness, mercy and grace are (and will always be) there for you because We are always for you!
~Love, Papa