Together!!! December 8 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

Together!!! December 8 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special child, whom I have loved since before creation and will love for all eternity,

   You make Me especially happy and joyful because today We get to do what I created you for: you get be together with Me!

   Today we get to hang out all day… you and Me! We’re together starting with the very first thought you have in the morning. I’m with you as you move from foggy half-awake thoughts when you wake up, to being fully aware and engaging in life.

   I’m with you as you do your personal getting-ready-for-the-day things in the bathroom. I’m with you as you choose what to wear. I’m with you as you get ready for breakfast. We get to have breakfast together!

   You may not give much thought to the coffee, cream and juice that you drink, or the fruit that you put on your cereal or the jelly that you spread on your toast… but I know the exact spot in Brazil where the coffee beans were grown and I’m also with the farmer who harvested them!

   I know the exact cow who gave the milk that became the cream in your coffee. I’m also having breakfast with the farm couple who own that cow, the truck driver who brought the milk to the dairy and the woman who put the cream on the shelf for you to buy!

   Right now I’m also having breakfast with the farmer and his family who grew the grain that made your cereal. I’m with the people who took that grain to the plant and those who turned it in to cereal then shipped it to your grocery store.

   You guessed it… I’m enjoying breakfast with the folks who grew your fruit, raised the berries for your jam and the wheat for your toast. 

   As we have breakfast…you and Me…I’m totally focused on you and I have the ability to be totally focused on all those other children of Mine at the same time.

   But We don’t stop there, do We? We’re together…you and Me… as we go all throughout our day. I’m in you and with you at every appointment at your work, in your driving, walking, hanging out with friends and family, reading, listening, daydreaming, planning, laughing, joking, playing, crying and feeling hurt, rejected, disappointed and worried.

   I’m with you as it rains and when the sun shines. I especially want you to know that I absolutely love every second of being with you!

   You are the apple of My eye. I’m always here and I love it when you remember Me, enjoy Me, talk to me, listen to Me, share your feelings with Me and ask Me for wisdom and help.

   This is the day that I have made for Us. Let’s rejoice and be glad in it… together!

~Love, Papa

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