More and More Revelation! May 24 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My most wonderful child, who is in My light and the focus of My love and affection,
Jesus is the Light of the World. The world has been in the darkness since Adam and Eve first believed lies about Me and themselves. I have done everything—absolutely and totally everything— to defeat the darkness.
I have accomplished that. Now I am in the process of exposing the lies of darkness and revealing the Light. I am illuminating My truth to you!
Imagine a person who had lived in a totally dark underground cave all their life and then they suddenly came out into the brilliant light of the sun at high noon with no clouds in the sky. That person literally couldn’t take it! It would be painful and too much for them.
The same thing is true with each of My children. You can only “take” or be exposed to a very limited amount of true light at a time and then you need to adjust, accept and learn to live in that light before you can “see,” process and understand more.
You have been in darkness… the Great Darkness… which is the assumption of separation. You have believed the lie (because you couldn’t see the truth) that you are separated from Me. The greatest and most important truth that I shine My light on and reveal to you is Jesus Christ Himself with you and in you! You become able to see (you have spiritual eyes to see) Jesus! You start seeing Jesus with you and in you… closer than the air you breathe… one with you!
You see that the Holy Spirit and I are with Him… all three of Us are one… inseparable… and We have included you in Our oneness! We are not only with you, but We are in you!
That’s the pre-imminent, most important truth that We reveal to you so that you can see truth in Our light. Then We shine Our light… We illuminate and reveal that We are totally for you, We have taken away and forgiven all your sin (past, present and future) and choose not to remember it. We never bring it up to you again! Then We reveal to you that you have already made you a new creation that is pure, holy, innocent, without fault, right with Us, perfect for relationship with Us and We have included you forever in Our Divine Triune circle dance of Our love and everything good that flows from Our circle of love.
Then We reveal to you that there is no condition ever for you in your relationship with Us! Then We reveal to you that We actually chose you before creation in Christ and already lavished every spiritual blessing on you in advance! Then We reveal to you that this is not only true of you, but of everyone! Then, as you walk in the light as We are in the light, you have fellowship with one another and you know Our love more and more!
~Love, Papa