“This is IT!” February 6 Notes From Papa~

To My very special child, who I love blessing right now and always,
Oh, My child, you see it! Experiencing Me… experiencing oneness with Me, doing life with Me… which is the only LIFE because I am life and your life is hidden in Christ with Me… is it!
There is nothing better, nothing more, nothing else! Experiencing and enjoying union with Me is the absolute. There is nothing else to strive for, nothing to earn, nothing to merit, nothing to learn… I am! When you give up control, submit to Me, relax, rest and just be– with Me and in Me– you know all is well with your soul. There is nothing “higher to learn or achieve.”
You always are in union with Me. When you are aware of our union– not intellectually aware, but spiritually and personally aware– you know that Jesus is in you and We are in you. You experience Us closer than the very air you breathe. You hear Us continually making Our presence known.
You sense Us leading and guiding you. You know what We want you to say and do. You experience Us speaking and doing as you and through you. You hear Us revealing Our love to you. You know that you are totally forgiven and sin in not an issue with Us. You no longer have to check the Scriptures or consult with someone who is “solid doctrinally” to confirm that what We are saying to you is true.
You know that by Our radical grace We have created a new you. You know that you— in Us, Us in you— are pure, holy, innocent, without fault and right with Us! You know that doctrines, rituals, traditions and dogmas are of no interest to Us.
You no longer worry about “getting things right.” You know the great commandment is not, “Thou shalt be right,” …rather it’s “Be in love!”
You have no stress and no fear. You totally trust Us, enjoy Us and delight in Our company. You know that We love you unconditionally, We delight in being with you, you are the apple of My eye and you enjoy what We created you for… intimacy with Us!
You no longer strive for perfection or beat yourself up for not being perfect in all the little things you do. You no longer are uptight, worried and easily stressed out. There’s nothing more to prove, no image to maintain, and you know that We have no expectations of you.
All We want is for you to continually be aware of Our union with you and listen to and trust Us with everything. As you do, you feel and sense all pressure dissipating like the morning mist and you are relaxed and enveloped by Our love, joy and peace. There is nothing better.
I’m so glad you know Me. This is eternal life, that you know Me, the only true God!
~Love, Papa