There’s NO List! May 1 notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My delightful child, who brings Me so much joy,
Religion, under the direct influence of the evil one (the liar/deceiver/accuser) has foisted off on you the lie that I am angry, unhappy with you, and have a general attitude of displeasure with you because you are not measuring up to “My perfect standard.”
You have been taught that I’m not at all pleased with you, or anyone, and that I’m constantly watching you, evaluating you, and keeping a list of how you are doing. That’s a lie, of course. Think about what an awful existence that would be for Me!
There’s no joy in an existence like that… at best there would be fleeting moments of approval for someone momentarily meeting an impossible standard. That is totally foreign to Me… even though that’s what the deceiver wants you to believe that I am like.
I had choices. I could either lower My standards to where nothing mattered… or I could sovereignly and supernaturally impart and impute My perfection to you and make you right with Me. I chose wisely!
I took all your sins, trespasses, wrong doing and darkness on Myself and forgave it, took it away and did away with it. I ended it! I gave you My righteousness, right standing and perfection. I made you pure, holy, innocent, without fault and right with Me!
I gave you eternal life with Me in Christ. There is no standard for you to meet, no set of rules for you to keep, no list of do’s and don’ts. I do not keep a list of your wrong doings. I choose not to remember them or hold them against you.
“Sin” is not an issue with Me… ever… period! I do not want you to think about sin, worry about sin or have a sin-consciousness at all. Your sin is not any problem with Me. Can you see how when that is true (and it is) that I have complete and total joy over you all the time?
I love you unconditionally, I have made everything right with you and Me forever by My grace and I have included everyone. I know that you and everyone are coming closer and closer to knowing the truth of who I am and who you and everyone else is, and that makes My joy complete!
~Love, Papa