There is Only UNION!!! March 13 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My dear child, whom I’m so very fond of,
I want you to always be aware of, to see and to focus on the light of the Truth of all Truths which is totally opposite of the Great Lie of darkness.
The Truth of all Truths is union! You, and all mankind, are not only in My family, not only unconditionally loved and forgiven by Me, not only totally right with Me because of My grace, not only totally accepted and included in My family because of what We have already done for you… as great as those things are, the Truth of all truths is even better!
You are one with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me. We are united! We are in total union! Christ is in you and you are in Christ. You cannot get any closer to Us and you can never be less close to Us! We have made it so!
The Great Lie of Darkness continually lies to you and says none of this is true. It lies and says We are separated. It condemns, shames and guilts you. It deceives you into believing that it’s your fault that you are separated from Us and there’s something you must do to get back to being with Us. When you do some of the things it deceives you into doing, then you feel pride that you, by your effort, got closer to Us.
Any and all striving and doing to try to please Us, get right with Us, merit Our favor… is totally worthless, useless and counter-productive! You cannot earn, merit or achieve what you already have! You can’t get to where you already are!
Jesus told you, “In that day you will know that just as I am in My Father, you are in Me and I am in you!” There is no separation… there is only union!
~Love, Papa