The Symphony of YOUR LIFE! ~February 17 Notes From Papa

To My most special child, who I sing and dance with delight over every day,
I not only took great care and deliberate loving thought in creating you just like you are for My good pleasure. I also created music and all the sounds there are.
From the moment you were physically conceived, I have been composing My Masterpiece Symphony of your life!
This amazingly stunning musical treasure has multiple movements that are all based on Our love!
The first movements are simple, pure and beautiful. Then come darker sections set in minor keys where you weren’t always aware of My continual presence and love… but your basic motif is still there and recognizable!
Then once you responded to My ever-present love initiative, each succeeding movement soars ever higher into musical life with joyous melodies, ever more complex and always with your theme.
Occasionally there’s a very brief minor interlude… but always followed by an ever-more joyous variation of your wonderful theme.
You are My masterpiece… created and composed in advance to be My very special work of art— My symphony of our love relationship.
You don’t know how many movements are left, but I do. They all soar higher and higher, building towards a musical-life climax that inspires all the angelic hosts and all heaven to jump to their feet in a jubilant rousing standing ovation of what you and I have done with your unique, wonderful life.
Your part in this masterful work is to listen to Me, the Master Composer, and let Me do what I want to fill in the notes, rests and instrumentation each day. We will make heavenly music together today.
I already have the new variation on your theme ready to set to life/music for tomorrow. I have already composed it! At the end of today, this movement will be printed out and filed in My eternal file.
There is coming a Great Day when you, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I will sit with you in Our balcony box seats at Our Great Theater and all your friends and family will be in the audience. Together we will all enjoy and celebrate as My Orchestra performs the wonderful, amazing, beautiful symphony of your life. What a day that is going to be. I know… I’ve already seen it!
~Love, Papa