The “Rest of the Gospel!” May 23 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special child, who I really want to relax and rest in Me today,
I have a wonderful place (space… condition) that I want you to totally immerse yourself in today and every day. This special place is called My Sabbath Rest. Jesus is your Sabbath Rest and you are in Him.
Now I want you to totally realize the ramifications of that! You tend to have a sin-consciousness that I absolutely do not want you to have. You have an unhealthy obsession of and awareness of “your” sin, primarily because religion has incorrectly focused on sin. However, I don’t even want you to think about it!
Of course you know instinctively that lying, cheating, murder, adultery, etc., are harmful to you and to others. You know there is ultimately no life in sin… only death. That’s why I want you to avoid “sinful” actions… so you and others won’t have to experience the sadness of sin’s results.
When you do sin, you may very well have to experience the world’s negative results, but you never have negative results or ramifications with Me. Never! I saw to that at the cross.
You know that Jesus took away all the sin of the world and We forgave it all (past, present and future) for everyone forever! I was in Jesus at the Cross reconciling all people and everything to Me forever, not counting or imputing any sin to anyone ever again! We choose not to remember any sin or bring it up to anyone ever again. There is nothing between you (or anyone) and Us!
Now for you to “enter” our Sabbath Rest in Christ (where you already are) you have to believe this is all true. When you do believe this truth of all truths, you are set free from a sin-consciousness and never ever have to worry about your sin aaffecting us and our relationship again!
Everyone sinned and fell short of Our mark of perfection. That’s the “sin of the world.” And We reconciled everyone to Us at the cross and totally did away with everyone’s sin problem… including yours!
Your sin, in relationship to Us, is not something that you are individually responsible for. It’s something that We universally took care of in advance at the cross for you and everyone! We left nothing up to chance. Our perfect love, expressing itself as perfect grace, did everything for everyone forever. It’s all done, finished and completed! You are complete in Christ!
Now, enjoy that! Rest. Relax. Experience Our Sabbath Rest. Cease any and all work of trying to make up for sin. Quit trying to “be worthy,” to please Us or to make yourself acceptable. You already are… not because of anything you did. And so is everyone else… not because of anything they did. It’s all Jesus and what He did! Believe that and rest!
~Love, Papa