The Party starts…and never ends! April 12 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very own child, who means everything to Me,
I want you to know why Jesus came and what We really did for you. Everything We did was for you… and for all mankind— every single person who ever lives!
When Jesus came, the Holy Spirit and I came too. We are one, We cannot be separated and never have been. So when I say Jesus came, I also mean We came. We came to earth, in human flesh, on the day you choose to celebrate as Christmas Day for one reason and one reason only: love!
We came because We love you, and all mankind, unconditionally. We want to express Our unconditional love to you continually, forever… and We want you to know, understand, experience and enjoy Our love continuously.
When We came, no one knew Us and thus no one was experiencing or enjoying Us and Our love at all. To the contrary, everyone since Adam and Eve lived in The Great Darkness of their own deceived minds, believing lies about Us.
All mankind believed the lie that they were separated from Us. All mankind believed the lie that all We are concerned with is sin and behavior management. All mankind believed the lie that We somehow had to be appeased in order to get Us to approve of you and bless you.
All mankind believed the lie that We were list-keeping, distant, displeased, angry, and all-powerful authorities who had created (in advance) an eternal torture chamber where We would somehow supernaturally keep them alive forever so that We could torture them and make them pay forever for bad behavior and wrong beliefs.
All mankind believed the lie that We were responsible for evil, sickness, deformities, death, oppression, lack of justice and all evils. We could have just let you continue in this evil darkness until you all eventually self-destructed. We could have done that… if We weren’t love!
But we are love! So We came to save you from yourselves, to rescue you from your darkness, to set you free from your self-bondage, to give sight to you in your blindness. The only way We could do that was to come Ourselves in the form of one of you… Jesus… so that you could see who We really are and what We are really like.
Jesus is the exact representation of Us: perfect love, grace and inclusion! When you see Jesus, you see Me and The Holy Spirit! Jesus, and We, are pure, unconditional agape love that is self-less, self-giving and that always does what is best for you and all mankind. You won’t be able to see that ultimate good yet, but one day you will! One day you will know Us as we have always known you!
Jesus and We are unlimited grace that has already done every single thing possible and necessary to enable you to be all that We want you to be and do all that We want you to do. By our Grace, We have already put you all in right relationship with Us forever!
Jesus and We have already permanently reconciled you all to Ourselves, taken away and forgiven all your sins (past, present and future), do not ever count any sin against you, choose not to remember any sin, and promise never to bring your sin up to you or against you.
Jesus and We are total acceptance, reconciliation and inclusion of everyone. We left no one out. We included everyone in Our Finished Work at the Cross. We do not do separation, exclusion or abandonment of anyone… ever!
Jesus came, We came, to show you all this… to show you who We really are and what We are really like.
Jesus and We succeeded! We proved Our pure unconditional love, grace and inclusion by letting you all collectively do the worst you could do to Us, then forgiving that all for everyone.
Then We made you all new creations that are pure, holy, without fault, acceptable, innocent and right with Us forever. The Holy Spirit took up permanent residence in you all when I resurrected Jesus from the dead. I sealed Him in you. We are all three in you and you are in Us!
Whether you believe Me or not, whether you “accept” Me or not, whether you act like Christ is in you or not has no effect ever on what We have done, who We are or who We have made you to be!
We are infinitely patient and Our will is that no one perish and that all the darkness of your minds be exposed until there is nothing left but pure truth. Our pure white-hot fiery love is in the continual process of refining and burning away the lies of darkness in each of your minds. Where necessary, We will continue that in the life-after for each of you, and one day (the Day) you will all know that We are in you and you are in Us.
Then every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the praise of Our Glory. Then there will be no more darkness… only the pure light of Our love and life! What a day that will be for Us… and you! The Party starts…and it will never end!!!
~Love, Papa