The Only True God! March 14 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My delightful child, who pleases Me immensely,
I want you to start to see that there is a huge difference in Me and the god whom you have believed in. I am not at all like that “god.”
I am totally good. There is nothing bad and no evil in Me… ever. I do not do evil things, I do not delight in evil, I do not repay evil with evil. I do not punish. I take no delight in suffering. I do not cause bad things to happen to people.
I prepared a place for you to be with Me forever… and you are in that place right now. You are in Me and I am in you! You will continue to be with Me forever in the Kingdom of God– My Kingdom, where you already are.
I did not ever conceive of or prepare what you call hell. The word hell does not appear in the original language of Scripture. It is a pagan concept… not Mine. It never entered My mind to create or maintain an eternal torture chamber where I would supernaturally keep you, or anyone, alive for all eternity just so that I could punish them.
I am totally inclusive and accepting of all My children… and everyone is in My family! There is no other family. Sometimes people act as if they have a different father, but that’s only because of their ignorance. I have forgiven them in advance because they don’t know what they are doing.
I have unconditionally loved and unconditionally forgiven everyone… in advance. Reject and disregard and run from any thought, idea, concept or word that even suggests that I am not all good and all for you. That’s who I am!
~Love, Papa