The New Covenant of Grace! February 11 Notes From Papa~

To My very special child, who is not under Law, but under My Grace,
You know that the Hebrew Scripture (what you call the Old Testament) is commonly referred to as the law. You must also know that as a result of Jesus’s finished work at the cross, the law was made obsolete. It was set aside, abolished and replaced with our New Covenant of Grace. You are not under the law (the Hebrew Scripture), you are under grace… our New Covenant of Grace!
When Jesus incarnated and became one of you, as a Jew, He was under the law and as a Jewish Rabbi, He taught the law. He had a dual-track ministry— First to raise the bar of the law so high that you all would see the utter futility of trying to keep it in order to gain and maintain a right relationship with Me. Second, to reveal who I am to the world in which not a single person knew Me!
As Jesus revealed Me and what I am actually like (not what the world then thought I was like), He revealed that I am unconditional love and My love never fails! He revealed that We are passionately obsessed with community with you all! He revealed that Our grace covers everything in your relationship with Us and that We have accepted and included everyone in Our relationship! Listen to Jesus… He knows the truth, He is Truth!
~ Love, Papa