The Most Beautiful Tapestry Conceivable! February 7 Notes From Papa~

The most beautiful tapestry conceivable! February 7 Notes From Papa
To My wonderful child, whom I love… really love,
My love for you, as you and through you is by far more important than anything else in our relationship!
If I was all-powerful, which I am, but not love, life would not be good for you, or anyone. If I knew everything there is about everything, including you, which I do, but was not love, life would not be good for you, or anyone. If I was present everywhere all the time, which I am, but wasn’t love, then you and everyone else would live in constant fear.
Sadly, many of My children do live in constant fear of Me because they don’t know the truth that I am love! My love, agape love, always does what’s best for the other. Since I do know everything (past, present and future) and since I am all-powerful and everywhere present, I am always working everything together for your good and everyone else.
One day I will give you a glimpse of how I am able to weave all threads of every situation and circumstance of your life together into the most beautiful tapestry conceivable and you will worship Me in speechless awe and wonder. You will know how good I am and how I am always for you.
It gives Me great pleasure to not only love you, but to see you loving others as I do. When you partner with Me in unconditionally loving those in your family, your friends, the people you interact with all through your day… you experience the very reason We created you to begin with— to enjoy and experience Our Divine Triune circle dance of love, life, joy, peace, fun and everything good with Us!
Everything in Us, about Us, around Us and from Us is saturated with and in Our love. We are love and We love you. We are totally for you… and everyone!
~Love, Papa