“The Missing Element!” February 3 Notes From Papa~

To My treasured child, whom I’m so very proud of,
I know you tend to worry about the future. You interpret something as portending dire consequences down the road and you can easily catastrophize (imagine) things rapidly progressing in a negative way and eventually leading to an awful conclusion. You sadly wonder how you can continue on. Do you see there’s a missing element in such negative fantasies? It’s Me!
When you worry about future events and their consequences, you don’t include Me in your imaginations! If you did, you would not worry… you would trust!
I dwell with you right now in the present. The reason worry is so debilitating is that I’m not included in your thoughts. You know that hardly any of your worries ever come to pass. Most of the time they don’t materialize at all and on the rare occasion when something you fear does happen, it’s hardly ever as bad as you imagined.
In the rarest of all instances where something is “bad” in your view, I am always there with you, comforting you, encouraging you and working everything out for your good.
Because I love you so much, My child, I don’t want you to worry at all! Instead, bring every temptation to worry to Me. Thank Me that I’m in you and you are in Me. Thank me for My love, protection and provision.
Ask Me what I think about what you are tempted to worry about and listen. I will tell you. I will give you My peace that transcends any human attempt to understand and I will guard your heart and mind in My Son, Jesus.
Then, at peace in Me and trusting Me, you can think about who I am— who I have made you to be— and you can remember how I have come through for you before… over and over, again and again!
You can remember and receive My promises to you. In the process, you’ll soon realize that your worries were light and momentary troubles that prompted you to fix your eyes on Me— Us — and Our Divine Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace and everything good. That’s where we live… together!
~Love, Papa