The Great Mystery of Life! April 25 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very special one-of-a-kind child, whom I have always loved,
You are starting to grasp and understand the Great Mystery of Life: Christ in you, the hope of glory! Every single person who has ever lived is seeking. Everyone is on a quest to discover the Divine – who is already in them!
I created you all for deep relationship with Me. I put in everyone the desire to know who they really are, which is One With Me! You know that The Holy Spirit, Jesus and I are One. Jesus in you means We are all in you! You and everyone are in our family, in our Divine Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace and everything good. We placed you (included you all) in Christ Jesus before creation. We adopted you all into Our family… Our life.
Christ literally is your life! At the cross, in time and space, We brought everything to fruition. We included everyone and everything in Christ Jesus. There is nothing that is not in Christ.
So now, for you and all humans, the quest is for you to discover who you really are… your true DNA. Everyone’s mind is darkened and everyone starts out believing that their false self is who they are at the core of their being.
But that’s believing a lie. Most religion has fostered that kind of thinking and told people that they need to seek Me to find Me and then do something to get Me to “come in to their hearts!” That’s not true and is a waste of time and energy! That’s called “transactional salvation” where people incorrectly believe they must initiate and ask for the “transaction.” The truth is… We did the transaction at the cross. That one transaction took care of everyone. Believe Us!
I am already in everyone. I have already reconciled the world to Me. Now that you are learning this Great Mystery of Life, I am calling you to be My ambassador to tell everyone whom you are with that Christ is in them…the Hope of Glory!
As you do, My Spirit in them will resonate with My Spirit in you and they will sense that you are speaking truth to them. Of course, the evil one doesn’t want them to know The Truth, but I have overcome and defeated him.
I will always lead you and everyone in triumph in Christ Jesus!
~Love, Papa