The Epic Battle! January 16 Notes From Papa~

To My very special child, whom I delight in being one with,
Every day there is a battle going on in your soul— your mind, will and emotions. The battle is between the flesh, that foreign parasite that is not you, but is living in the members of your body. That flesh which is selfish, self-centered and wants you to believe that you can meet your needs by your own effort… versus My Spirit that continually tells you that I am enough, that I am sufficient.
Your mind is the battle ground. It has no power on its own. It can only choose which combatant to listen to, trust and follow.
The flesh, which is evil, is not you but it infects you like a nasty disease. It attempts to get you to trust it. It continually tells you that you can do whatever it takes, by your own effort. It tempts you. Then the minute you choose to follow it, it either condemns you by telling you that what you did was not good enough, or it tempts you to pridefully think that your effects are responsible for meeting your needs. The flesh is hyperactive. It attacks you non-stop. It is always there.
However, My Spirit is always there too. The Holy Spirit of Christ lives in you by Our choice and is anything but passive! My Spirit continually battles the flesh. I constantly remind you that I am trustworthy, dependable and will never leave you, never abandon you, never let you down.
I constantly remind you of who I am, how I feel about you and what I have already done for you. I constantly remind you of who you are because of who I made you to be. I constantly remind you that Christ is in you and He is your hope of glory… not the flesh.
This battle goes on constantly every moment of your life. It’s like you are listening to the radio and one station will fade in and out while another station will sound stronger… back and forth. Your part is to tune in to My Spirit’s voice, listen to Me and believe Me. That’s called renewing your mind. It’s not something that you come up with, it’s you focusing on and hearing Me. Then you can ask Me, the Holy Spirit of Christ in you, to actually live My life in you, as you and through you.
When you listen to Me, I will tell you where to go, what to do and what to say. I will tell you what I want and I will do it as you and through you! You can always listen to Me. I am always here and always for you. Be still, listen and know Me better and better!
~Love, Papa