The Election is OVER!!! December 19 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

The Election is OVER!!! December 19 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My special child, whom I continually delight in,

   I know that you continually hear and read in your news examples of candidates focusing on their opponent’s past mistakes and stating that those mistakes make them unfit to be elected. I know how you and My other children think that a person’s past can certainly be an indicator of how they might do in a future position of responsibility.

   When one candidate goes through a list of past sins of their opponent, the obvious implication they are trying to make is, “If you know these things about this person, you can’t possibly like them, trust them or want give them leadership responsibility.”

   Unfortunately religion has taught you that I see you that same way. You have believed the lie that “since I know everything about you, warts and all, and since I keep a record of all our sins and shortcomings then I can’t possibly stand you, I can’t like you.” You have been taught that I “have to love you” in some sort of “generic” way, because that’s “My job description,” but “My” love is unconditional yet tempered with My need to punish you and make you pay for what you’ve done.”

   None of that is true about Me! I do know all about you all… everything! And the good news is that I have already forgiven everything in advance, taken away all the bad stuff, chosen not to remember it and promised not to hold it against you or even bring any of it up to you again.

   Think about that! I choose to not remember or even bring up to you anything bad that you’ve ever done… and I love you unconditionally!

   I always relate to you in grace and lavish My blessings on you, no matter what you have done, simply because I love you!

   I already had My one and only election! I elected Jesus to be the One representative of all mankind and I included you all In Christ. Everything Christ is and has is yours as well!

   Now I want you to remember all this, enjoy and experience it! Don’t believe lies that say otherwise! Listen to Jesus… His Truth will set you free!

~Love, Papa

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